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History of the Linux Supporters Group Adelaide from Jan. 2007 to Jul. 2008

Our group was formed in January 2007, and we commenced our meetings on the first Monday [now Wednesday] of each month. During the first half of 2007 it was quite difficult to attract people to our group meetings; this was mainly due to the fact that we were only new to Linux. However during the remainder of the second half of 2007, we offered more variety in our meetings, with new speakers and presenters, and attendances started to grow.

We are in the process of developing a website, which we hope to have up and running some time in 2008 [now done].This will help promote our group, our meetings and our activities to a wider audience. We are confident of increasing our attendances in 2008, mainly because of our new meeting format, which new members have helped to introduce to our group.

Our "hands on" approach to learning has been a success, and one of our future aims is to build a small server to use with our groups several laptops to promote Linux learning to our group and our attendees. We intend to install several GNU/Linux distros on it.

Our group is still a very small one, compare to other Linux Groups that have been going longer than us, but we are all very keen and determined to succeed in our growth. There are several members in our group who are vocal, in terms of being very helpful contributors and presenters, and this has improved our attendances greatly.

The discussions of our group have included Bash Shell, X Server, Home Networking, programming in GNU/Linux, and a graphics presentation -- most of these presentations were in 2008.

Several members of our group are planning to attend the Australian Linux Conference 2009 in Hobart next January. Meeting Linux people and exchanging ideas is all learning to us and you have to meet new contacts.

Our group show computer and IT based movies occasionally, as this tends to attract outsiders to the group who would not normally attend our monthly meetings because of all the technical talk, whereas they are quite happy to come along to watch a movie. Hopefully we might gain some new members, and spread the word of GNU/Linux and open source software.

Our group has only been operating for 18 months, so we are just starting to grow, and we promote GNU/Linux wherever we can.

[Written by Barry, Past President, Linux Supporters Group Adelaide.]

[This history shall not be updated after this. Our development since this was written is shown by all the items on the rest of our site.]